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are you my owner?

announcement posted 4.26.2017

This dog was found the last week of April 2017. Please contact us if you lost it. Ph.361-332-1445  |   Facebook   |   more »

puppy rescue in Ingleside

article posted 4.26.2017

This is what we do for mommas and babies in need! For about a month Kristine has been feeding momma knowing there were babies hidden somewhere. Momma had been crossing a very dangerous intersection in Ingleside. Well, today she found one baby.   |   Facebook   |   more »

we have new kitties at the animal shelter

announcement posted 4.20.2017

Come see our new kitties. They're adorable!   |   Facebook   |   more »

free spay & neuter services available now

announcement Posted 3.10.2017

SPCA San Pat County has obtained a new grant called "Let's Fix It Coastal Bend" from the Coastal Bend Community Foundation to spay or neuter cats and dogs in San Patricio County for free. … more »

letters posted from members & Other Writters

Article posted 3.10.2017

Check out the news page for new letters from members and other … more »