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UPDATE – Hurricane Harvey Aftermath

Posted October.5.2017

As of October 1st there is still no phone or internet, however, there are volunteers monitoring this website, Facebook and GMail. Please be patient as we go forward.

Hurricane Harvey Aftermath

Posted September.3.2017

Our animal shelter, the Sandra Sue Benson Animal Adoption Center, has weathered through Hurricane Harvey in fairly good shape. Dona and Steve Farrar and their family members kept our animals safe and sound while the storm raged outside. The animals were all brought inside and kenneled safely from the storm. In the aftermath, a generator was provided to maintain occasional air conditioning and a microwave. This family is truly the heart, soul, and backbone of our center.  Photos of Damage to the Center …

Our Pets Are Safe

Throughout this past week following the storm, they placed all of the animals from our center into the capable hands of other rescue groups who were not in the path of this destructive storm. Thanks to the Gulf Coast Humane Society, the Humane Society of San Antonio, the Wayward Whiskers of San Antonio, the Cowboy Cat Ranch, a farmer in George West wanting barn kitties, and one of our members, Cigden Zambrano for fostering our two office kitties. So you see, what they say is true: "It takes a village".

Next Steps Toward Recovery

The coming months will be very hard for individuals, businesses, and non–profit organizations such as us. We must band together as we have done this week for an undetermined amount of time. Please know that a community is only as strong as we make it. Reach out if you need to and when you need to. There is no shame in that. In that spirit, we are announcing that we are canceling the birthday bash and the Denim and Diamonds Casino Night. That is something that takes part by local contributions. Since locals are financially stressed at this time we would ask you to take care of you first. Most of our needs can be taken care of by volunteer man hours and hard work. If you have family from elsewhere who want to help, we hope you would suggest to them that our center will be needing financial help in the year ahead. Our entire budget for a year comes from Casino Night. By canceling this event, we are putting our organization in financial jeopardy. Reach out, if you can to friends and family who want to do what they can to help keep our services available to this county. Ask friends, family, share the message on social media to your friends, so we can continue doing good deeds to help the animals of San Patricio County.

How To Help Us Rebuild

We need financial support more now than ever, just as many of our citizens of the Coastal Bend do. Bless our volunteers, our members, and our director Dona Farrar, as we rebuild and move forward. Donations may be made electronically via PayPal or by mailing contributions to SPCA San Pat County. The link to PayPal and our mailing address are listed below. If making a donation by check, please make it payable to SPCA San Pat County. Thank you in advance for your kind contributions. Words can not express our appreciation for your help.

PayPal Donations

Address for Donations Made by Check

SPCA San Pat County
P.O. Box 1693
Aransas Pass, TX 78335