If you live in San Patricio County, Texas and know where there are feral cats, please call us at 361-332-1445 or click CONTACT to email us. We will contact area rescues and shelters as well as provide funds for spay and neuter as they become available.  Please provide the location of the colony, approximate number of cats or kittens, current food source and general condition.

♦ TRAPS AVAILABLE/NEEDED ♦ We have humane cat traps available for short-term loan. If you need to trap a mostly-friendly feline for medical purposes such as spay/neuter or vaccinations, please call 361-332-1445 or click CONTACT to email us. Be sure to leave a short message with your name and phone number. We will reply via email or return your call. ✨If you have traps that you no longer need, please consider dropping them off to us so we can, in turn, provide help to others.


ANIMAL CARE DURING INCLEMENT WEATHER AND HOT TEMPERATURES – These hot, humid days are uncomfortable for animals as well as humans. Remember to check food and water bowls and change the contents to keep it fresh and clean.

ANIMALS IN EXTREME HEAT AND DRY CONDITIONS – Hot dry weather affects  pets as much or more than it affects people. Shade, protection from elements and fresh water are essential. Do not overly exercise pets and be especially careful of older ones. Always be watchful of heatstroke symptoms. Remember, hot concrete and pavement can easily burn the tender pads of feet so use protective paw pads or wait until late evening to walk your dog.


Rockport Fulton Humane Society 361-729-8186 – www.rockportfultonhumanesociety.orgGulf Coast Humane Society – 361-225-0845 – ♥ PeeWees Pet Adoption – 361-888-4141 – www.peeweespaws.comThe Cattery Cat Shelter – 361-854-6369 – PALS Animal Shelter – 361-884-0366 – no website

Animal Control Centers Aransas Pass 361-758-5224 ♥ Ingleside 361-776-2531 ♥ Portland 361-777-4444 ♥ Taft 361-776-2531 ♥ San Patricio County 361-587-3500 ♥ Aransas County 361-790-0151 ♥ Corpus Christi 361-826-2489

Clinic Services  PeeWees 361-888-4141 ♥  The Cattery 361-854-6369 ♥ PAAC 361-248-2009 ♥ Wellness on Wheels 956-638-2970 ♥ Tractor Supply 361-758-8761 ♥ McCoy’s Building Supply 361-758-8081