memorials are a very special way

of remembering and honoring family and friends by donating to help animals in need. The Sandra Sue Benson Animal Adoption Center is a comfortable temporary home where animals stay while waiting to be adopted into a loving family. Those who want to adopt can see the animals in a cozy homelike setting. All donations will be used to continue operations of the Adoption Center and improve the welfare of animals in San Patricio and surrounding counties.

  • In memory of Paulette Rogers, beloved wife of Bill Rogers, by their friend Wayne Conrad
  • In memory of Barbara Atwood by Sami Shirley
  • In memory of Louis Adams by Jim & Cathy Dooley
  • In memory of Louis Adams by Sailing Capital Table
  • In memory of Steve Tibbetts by Cindy Hartley
  • In memory of Linda Lahmeyer by Leila Bliss
  • In memory of Sandra Schweizer by Susan K Fisher
  • In memory of Ginger Brashear by Pat Martinez
  • In memory of Linda Adele Heard Lahmeyer by Robin Heard
  • In memory of Dona Farrar by Charlotte Wall
  • In memory of Alice Salge, June 10th 2018 by Linda “Kay” Salge Dziuk
  • In memory of Robert Louis Adams by Beach Side Bungalow; Glenn and Priscilla Keener; Peggy and John Colglazier; Gordon and Carole Goosney; Karen and Paul Froeschner; The Brotherhood of the Coast, Solomon’s Island Table, Solomon’s Island, Maryland; Mike and Patti Kneale; Velana and Angelo Pulido; David and Barbara May; Bill and Jan Streep
  • In memory of Lester “Doodle” Matthews by Samuel Graefe
  • In memory of Uncle Lester “Doodle” Matthews by the Humphrey sisters and their families
    Donna, Terry, Glenda and Tammy
  • In memory of Lester “Doodle” Maurice Matthews by Commercial Motor Company
  • In memory of Alston Heard, beloved son of Patty and Virgil Heard by Catherine J Frizzell EA
  • Dona Farrar by Christine Young ♥ For all the years of unending vision and untiring work towards helping the animals in San Patricio County and beyond. You will be forever in our hearts.
  • Dona Farrar by Boy Scout Troop No 25 and Concerned Citizens for Scouting ♥ A truly wonderful person and ardent supporter of  efforts to advance the goals of Boy Scouting in Aransas Pass.
  • Dona Farrar by Carole Howard ♥ A dear friend and inspiration – Our work with the animals will be forever infused with your spirit and love.
  • Amy Bernhard by Frankie Thurlkill
  • Mary Lou Thomas by Tara Ducre
  • Beverly St. Clair by Ronnie & Sandra La Baume, Lorna Barr, Pamela St. Clair
  • Dale Hamm by KOS Employee Foundation
  • Johnny Stringer by Jimmie & Gloria Peer
  • Chuck Rogers by Clare Coleman
  • Carol Tibbetts by Friends of Wendy Hughes
  • Doris Gebhardt Young by Lee & Dee Cochran, Carol & Tom Reding
  • Dale & Norma Hagy by Donald & Gloria Hagy
  • Allen Morris by Kent & Nancy Fields, Shella & Wes Bonner
  • Allen Morris by Deborah Morris, Ray & Cheryl Garcia, Larry & Suzanne Hall, O.R. & Marie Roberson, Carol & Thomas Reding, Ed & Vicki Linderholm, Kathy Love
  • Karen “Kay” Zorn by Marilyn Ellison, Sandra Stokes & Aaron Hudson, Vince Zorn, Jay & Cissie Attaway, The Palms Nursing and Rehab., Pam Debolt, Bobby Lunz, Sandra M. Powell, Charles & Suzanne Webster, Live Oaks Learning Center
  • Dale Hamm by Wynne Shown
  • Cyble Magness by Pat Danczek
  • Dale Hamm by The Parham Group, Colby & Maureen Clanton, Joyce Cummings
  • Roberta Brown Dyer by Joyce A. Clark
  • Bill Haines by Linda McTee
  • Billy Seals by Love Offering A.P.
  • Joe Stringer by Donald & Gloria Hagy
  • Joe Stringer by Mary Stringer, Dona Farrar
  • Joe Stringer by Aileen Gillespie, Pat Martinez
  • Shelby Gondeck by Pat Martinez
  • Jess Woodard by Pat Martinez
  • Melissa Collins by Carol & Tom Reding, Barbara Rhodes
  • Joe Stringer by Jimmie & Gloria Peer
  • June Holt by Pat Martinez
  • Chris Clanton by Pat Martinez
  • Ruby Zylks by Mardell Solle
  • Chris Clanton by Scott Sparks, Colby & Maureen Clanton, Kiewit Offshore Services Purchasing Department, Coastal Bend Blood Center
  • Jim Henderson by Pat Martinez
  • Mark Hosea by JoAnn Ehmann, Nye Holdings LLC
  • John Poling by Margie E. Poling
  • JoAnn Owen by Carol Reding, Kiwanis Club of Taft
  • Sharon Hicks by Nancy C. Johnson, Barbara Atwood, Charlotte Lynch
  • Fay W. Smith by Friends at the TCEQ CC Region Office
  • Tedene Coulter by Pat Martinez
  • Sharon Hicks by Mark Maley
  • Linda and Ray Dubose by Leslie Reddick, Vince and Claudia Gagliardi
  • Ruth Cascio by Dona Farrar
  • H. Barton Koonce by M and M Farms, Monte and Pattie Floerke, Diane F. West, Mardell Solle, Pat Danczek
  • Carol Tijerina by VFW Post 6386 Ladies Aux
  • Mary June Dearsan by Human Resources at Driscoll Children’s Hospital, Connie Culbertson
  • Carol Tijerina by Angelita Martinez, Mercedes Ortiz
  • Billy Seals by Christine Sullivan
  • Carol Tijerina by Sarah Burnett
  • Billy Seals by Dona Farrar, Linda Ann Cluiss, Karen Rowe, Emily Wasser, Charlene Irvin, Mary Steenbergen, WOM First Baptist Church, Ruth Class First Baptist Church of Aransas Pass, Shirlee Thompson, Jody Seagers
  • Billy Seals by Carole Howard, Pat Danczek, Pat Martinez, Barbara Atwood
  • Rita Grover Strickland by  the Estate of Rita Strickland
  • Alan Thomas by Tom and Mary Bridges
  • Earlene Angel by Anna Wilson
  • Irene Peterson by Jay & Carol Attaway
  • Joann Lokey by Cynthia Wilson
  • Sandra Benson by John & Linda Silvati
  • Gary Witt by Nola & William Gustafson
  • Barbara Bradshaw by Brad & Sheri Brown
  • Ben Jenkins by Evelyn Sinast
  • Gordon Mann by Danelle Brown
  • Dick Pickelll by Ernesto Solis
  • Sandra Benson by Frank & Eldagene Hametner
  • Gary Witt by Dorace Klatt, James & Susan Kiefer, Irene Seidel, Donna Sikes, Carol Wiechring Burgeson
  • Shirley Krauser by Pat Martinez
  • James Watkins by Pat Martinez
  • Middy Wilkinson by Pat Martinez
  • Cara Turnbough Hobbs by Pat Martinez
  • Joan Petersen by Nancy & Bill Allen
  • Mary Hitt by Alice Tatum, Evelyn Sinast, Jerry & Becky VanBuren
  • Dad of Julie Price by Jay & Roger Masterson
  • Mr. McElwee by Pat & Jesse Martinez
  • Linda Hicks by Arthur & Kathryn Brown
  • Jacob McDonald by Pat & Jesse Martinez
  • Fred Floerke by Allen & Debbie Morris, Pat & Jesse Martinez, Last Chance Rescue, Arthur & Kathryn Brown, Vicki Jamison, Janet Tysinger, Richart Swanson, Dale & Melanie West
  • Sandra Sue Benson by Arthur J. Benson, Debra & Ralph Muller, Robert & Phyllis Ciovacco, Arnold & Lauren Greenfield, Nanci C.Gibbs, Linda & Jack Dobosh, Domingo & Nilbia Croatto, Michael & Dorothy Sande Lloyd, Pellican Bay Resort, Laura & David Denham, Linda Lee Dupnik, Darlene Boehnke, Sami L. Shirley, Lynne Dimaline Berry, Naomi Bonorden, Eva Braun, Gloria & Donnie Hagy, Judy & Joe Yoder, Mr. & Mrs. Charles N. White, Howell & Beverly Hammond, Frances Yeamans, Roula K. Westwater, Gloria & Jimmie Peer, RAP Tennis Club
  • Gary Boehnke by RAP Tennis Club
  • James Roy (Jimmy) Dupnik by RAP Tennis Club
  • Troy E. Shirley by Sami L. Shirley, RAP Tennis Club
  • Joanne Tauferner, South Texas Canteen, Gary Hayek, Brad Brown, Joyce & Bill Tunnell, Richard Threadgill, Debra & Thomas Kemp, Coldwell Banker Pacesetter Steel, Angeline Floerke, Tom & Carole Reding, Chester & Donna Husband, Laura & Chuck Cantwell, Robert & Janeen Kane, T.w. & N.M. Tiltgen
  • Virginia Fields by Jay & Roger Masterson
  • Stuart Keller
  • Buena Lee Schuetze
  • Betty Clanton
  • Roberta Banta
  • Kirby Masterson
  • Emma Lou Hughes


Please click CONTACT and complete the form. If you choose to pay via credit card or PayPal you may click below the form. Make check payable to SPCA San Pat County and mail to P.O. Box 1693, Aransas Pass, TX, 78335.  SPCA sends a thank you letter to the donor which can be used for tax purposes. A letter to the family of the memorial person will be sent to inform them of your gift (please include an address for the family).