Various News Articles – November 2011


Becky Hutchison with the Blood Drop
December 5th to 10th/$5.00 Rabies Vaccines/call for appointment, 361.364.4551. McCoy Veterinary Clinic in Sinton, Texas.


Fall Festival 2011 at the First United Methodist Church in Portland was a chance for us to spread the word about SPCA San Pat County and our programs. SPCA had a good showing of members including Barbara Atwood with the Windfest Kite; Becky Hutchison with the Blood Drop; and Pat Zylks with the IBC Free Bee. Other members also attended.


There are so many homeless pets around who have no idea how hard folks are working to build a safe place for them to live in San Patricio County. Saturday night was the Fourth Annual Denim & Diamonds Casino Nightheld at the Aransas Pass Civic Center hosted by the SPCA San Pat County. The crowd was huge and the music was wonderful, provided by the Jason Southern Band. Casino games covered one side of the Civic Center while dozens of great silent auction items covered tables on the opposite side. In between were hundreds of people having a great time enjoying the evening. Over 400 tickets were sold for the event.

Pat Zylks with the IBC Free BeeFundraising Chairman Pat Martinez said they have already purchased 3.9 acres of land on 1069. Now they are trying to get the utilities and a parking lot so equipment can be brought in. The building is the next item. Pat said, “The first year we raised $11,000. The second year we raised $18,000.The third year we raised $22,000..This year we raised $19,000. Our thanks to everyone who donated and attended our biggest fund–raiser of the year, Casino Night.

The long–term goal is to build and maintain an animal shelter that will serve the needs of San Patricio County. Animals will be housed in a humane manner while waiting for a loving home. People will be able to adopt a homeless animal from a brand new facility in the future.

While they work on the long–term goal of building an animal shelter, they will also have an education section that teaches people about the need to spay or neuter their pets. They are in need of funds for the following items: educational materials, traps for feral cats, spaying and neutering feral cats, and grant writing salary to raise large amounts of money.

They are also in need of volunteers to raise funds, provide foster care, and many other tasks. Monthly meetings are open to the public and are held the first Thursday of the month at 6 pm in the Aransas Pass Public Library, 110 N. Lamont, Aransas Pass. To get more information, please call 361.332.1445.

– Lee Harrison, The Ingleside Index



I would like to introduce myself. My name is Neal Floerke, President of the SPCA San Pat County. The new board for 2010 consists of Carole Howard, Vice President; Pat Martinez, Secretary; Debra Keller, Treasurer; Dona Farrar, Member At Large; and myself.

From previous newsletters, I trust you are aware that land for an animal shelter has been acquired and paid for. Our goal for the near future is to hopefully prepare the land for site work – water, sewer and electricity – then begin building a shelter. At this point, our biggest obstacle is funding this much needed project, and we appreciate any help you can offer. Our latest DJ&T grant for spaying and neutering of dogs has been completely used, and we are now in the process of applying for another one. Our PETCO Feral Cat Grant is also coming near to completion. So far we have been able to TNR (trap, neuter, release) over 200 feral cats. We are hoping to be fortunate enough to receive another grant to continue with this extremely needed work in our county.

In addition, bylaw revisions, a financial audit and a membership drive are all being undertaken at this time. With everyone’s help, both physically and financially, we are confident that the goals of the SPCA San Pat County will be greatly achieved. Control and care of animal populations is not only vital, but essential for their survival in our county, communities, and for the people who reside here.

Neal Floerke, President
SPCA San Pat County


Ever wonder how the Shelter is funded? We get no funds through U.S. Humane Society, or United Way, No City, County, State or Federal funding…no Stimulus Plan includes our shelter …we work for every nickel. Two garage sales a year, aluminum recycling, donations, and our annual Denim & Diamonds Casino Night fund our shelter. Other contributions come from memberships and memorials. We thank each and every one of you who have continued to make SPCA San Pat County a part of your donations. We are so fortunate to have such a generous community.