European Fine Dining Fundraiser

The second annual European Fine Dining event was held Saturday, May 5th at the lovely bayside location of the Ingleside Beach Club. More tickets were sold this year which meant more diners and more food! As a result, we are excited to report an increase in net revenue. We all agree the event was a very rewarding experience for the members and volunteers, patrons and donors, who make it possible.

Our member chef, Ronny Claes, prepared a delectable four-course dinner which began with a luscious Cauliflower and Red Pepper soup. The salad was a delightful blend of Spinach Linguini with Blackfin Tuna. A lovely entrée of Chicken a l’Orange was accompanied by wild rice and sautéed zucchini. For dessert Mr. Claes presented a beautiful Puff Pastry with warm Brie and honey-lemon sauce. Diners could choose from wine, beer or sodas.

We wish to thank Winery on the Bay in Rockport for donating the wine for the evening. For the donation of beer and sodas, we wish to thank Dave and Kathy Clark, Charlotte Lawrence and Becky Roark. Of course the evening would not have been such fun without the many and varied raffle prizes donated by generous individuals and businesses.

Much praise and sincere thanks are due the multitude of willing helpers on and before this special night: Boy Scout Troup 345 in Portland, SPCA San Pat County members and volunteers and all our friends and family. We appreciate ALL of you!! Lastly, the furry friends we aim to please send a resounding MEOW! and WOOF! See you next year 🙂