PETCO and the SPCA San Pat County Board have partnered to operate the Feral Hope for San Pat Cats Program for feral colonies in San Patricio County, Texas. Feral Cats from existing colonies, wild roamers or cluster kitties are eligible for our “Spay, Neuter & Return” program which operates until funds are expended. PETCO funds this program to humanely help reduce the feral cat population. Since 2009 our PETCO grant has successfully neutered over 800 cats. SPCA rescues existing felines from over–breeding and from the terror of being pursued and exterminated. In addition to neutering, the PETCO grant includes rabies shot and ear–tipping. The positive implications of the no–growth policy include …

  • Calmer cats
  • Less fighting
  • Fewer chases
  • Less sickness and dying

The SPCA of San Pat County rehabilitates these animals in that they become less threatening to humans around their habitat and therefore, are less threatened themselves. This de–escalation of years of repetitive negative behavior is a win/win situation for all involved.

The SPCA of San Pat County rejoices with PETCO in our successful completion of this extremely successful and humane program for animal protection and for education within the community.