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recent news

exciting news about our new building

Article Posted 02.07.2014

Big changes are coming soon! We have received a grant from the Ed Rachal Foundation for ... more »

Ingleside parade nets trophy

Posted 04.05.14

Our entry into the Ingleside Parade on Saturday, April 5th, earned us the ... more »

Letter to the public

Article Posted 2.11.2013

Dear Animal Lover/Advocate, We need your help to reach our ... more »

hold the date october 18, 2014 for casino night

Article Posted 04.05.14

October 18, 2014 is the date for this year's Casino Night ... more »

Grant to neuter and spay pet dogs

Article Updated 04.05.14

SPCA San Pat County has received grant money to spay and/or neuter pet dogs. The money has been spent for small dogs but we do still ... more »

New Garage sale coming on May 2nd

Article Updated 04.05.2014

SPCA San Pat County members will be holding a new garage sale ... more »