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Rowdy the Dog Columnistgood advice from rowdy

Rowdy has been in the columnist business for several years now. There is no topic too big or too small for him to tackle. Please feel free to email him to ask a question or to make a comment. Rowdy just loves to dive in and get right to work!
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Why do I Have to Walk on a Leash?
Posted 4.27.2017

Dear Rowdy,

Why does mom insist upon my wearing a leash when we go for a walk? I don't like it!



Dear Teddy,

Be patient with your mom, she is only trying to protect you. You need to wear a leash so that you don't accidentally run off by yourself and get lost. Your mom doesn't want to lose you and she doesn't want you to be all alone on the streets where you could get hurt. So the next time your mom puts a leash on you remember that she is doing it because she loves you.

Your pal,


Why Hide and Bury?
Posted 5.19.2012

Dear Rowdy,

Why does my dog hide toys and bury bones?



Dear Curious,

It is a natural instinct because back when they were wild, dogs would hide their food from other animals and come back for it later.

Your pal,


Bath Time?
Posted: 5.19.2012


Dear Rowdy,

How often should I give my dog a bath?

Just Wondering


Dear Just Wondering,

Depending on the breed of your dog will depend on how often. If he/she is an outdoor lover then a bath is required more often because of the dirt and undesirable things that cling to the dog's coat. Especially if they have gotten into a mud puddle, trash, or road kill, bathe them immediately.

A dog with a long coat will trap dirt and debris quicker than a short haired dog.

Dogs have dry skin. This is something to consider when you are buying shampoo and setting a bath schedule for your furry friend

On the average, most dogs benefit from a weekly or bi-weekly bath.

When in doubt, check with your veterinarian.

Your pal,


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