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Heartwarming Animal Rescue Stories

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

LilyTreeShe first drew my attention when I heard her howling in one of the ancient live oak trees out back after having fled from one of the neighborhood toms. Of course, I knew what would happen if nature was allowed to take its course so little female feral feline was coaxed into a carrier and delivered to my vet to be properly fixed. There was paperwork to be done which involved choosing a name—not something I wanted to do since I had no intention of adopting .But, just for the paperwork, I called her Lily (since she played with the spider lilies in my garden), and Tree (since that was her usual refuge).  When I picked her up after being spayed the vet technician informed me that if she first drew my attention when I heard her howling in one of the ancient live oak trees out back after having fled from one of the neighborhood toms, it would be best if she stayed indoors until her stitches healed properly. I reluctantly agreed and set up temporary quarters in one of my bathrooms. A day or so later the time came for fixed female feral feline to return to the wild of my backyard.  I wished her a good life and sadly closed the door.  Later that evening I helped my elderly, infirm dog, Bear, go out to do “his business”. I had to admit I was a little disappointed when there was no sign of the “phft”. Just as well, I thought.  It would be very irresponsible of me to adopt another animal – I had my limit.  After all, you can’t take them all in, right?  When I put my head to pillow that night I listened to the sounds of the night—no howls, no meows either. She’s safe somewhere I told myself. The next morning I was sure of it when I was awakened by the loudest purr I had ever heard—right next to me on my pillow. It was fixed female fe … Lily Tree!  She had apparently sneaked in when I was helping poor Bear in or out!  I’d been adopted, no doubt about it—and I have never had a more grateful, affectionate companion. 

Epilogue: The toms have now also been fixed and Lily Tree has developed such confidence through her interactions with my  other indoor cats that she occasionally chases them out of the yard!   – Carole H.

Inca – Loyal and independent

IncaOur hearts went out to Inca when we first saw her. She was skinny, sad, and looked beaten by life. Although she was just two years old, she had been through a lot. She was found wandering the streets and picked up by animal control. Then she barely made it out of there to a foster home (or a half–way house because the man had quite a few dogs he was trying to help). We saw her in the Petfinder web site and called. We were looking for a Sheltie mix but she is a Schipperke mix. I would call about the dogs we were interested in and the first question I would ask is “Does the dog like cats?” because we have several. Most of the places we called either didn’t know or were too busy to find out. When we called about Inca, the man was very nice and said he would find out. When he called back and replied she did indeed like cats, we made plans to adopt her.

Three and a half years have gone by and Inca is the happiest dog I know. She loves toys and has many. She sleeps with me and follows me everywhere. Like all Schipperke dogs, she has endless energy, is curious as can be about everything, and cannot stand closed doors. She is independent like her breed: her motto is “I will do what I want and then if I have time I will do what you want”. She is the most loving dog and I cannot imagine life without her. I look forward to many, many more years with Inca. Please give shelter dogs a chance. They reward you a million times over with love and loyalty.   – Pat D.

Catherine – World's Sweetest Cat

Catherine cooling out on the couchCatherine was rescued not once but twice. The woman who first rescued her worked at the animal shelter where I visited every weekend because my Jenny was buried in their pet cemetery. I wasn't looking to adopt another cat but Mary Ellen had secretly decided that I was the person who was going to adopt Catherine. One day she approached me and the next thing I knew I was going home with Catherine. At first I was a bit miffed because I truly felt I wasn't ready to adopt another cat but then Catherine and her shy, sweet ways won me over. Catherine didn't have a mean bone in her body. Once she settled in, she became a mama's girl. I was her one and only true love. Timid by nature, she hid from everyone and later when I adopted two more cats, she took a back seat to them but firmly stood her ground when it came to her momma's lap. Catherine was the only cat I've ever had who actually protected me like a dog. If she thought the others were trying to harm me, she'd overcome her timid ways and rush to protect me! This took courage given how timid she was. Catherine and I had sixteen, happy years together. I have a million memories of her but the one that stands out the most is that she was the sweetest, most courageous cat I've ever owned. I miss her.    – Mary, Catherine's mom