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Veterinary Tips


Animals in Extreme Heat and Dry Conditions

Hot dry weather affects your pets, livestock and wild animals in your area as much or more than it affects people. Shade, protection from elements, and fresh water are essential. Do not over exercise pets, be careful of older and weaker ones. Remember, hot concrete and pavement can burn pads and feet easily. The heat does not come out of these until late in the evening. Insects such as fleas and ticks are also coming closer to homes looking for shade and moisture. Snakes, rats, and other creatures are also more apt to come up also. Heatstroke can also happen.

Neal Floerke, DVM
Taft.Texas – 361.528.5269

Ticks During the Summer Months

Ticks are a common problem during the summer months. Unfortunately, tick cycles can range from a few weeks or up to two years depending on the species of tick. Therefore it is important to identify and recognize the tick species in order to treat the problem effectively. As a minimum, treat the environment and the pet at the same time. The most effective tick products for pets are available at your local veterinary clinic or from a certified on line pet pharmacy. At the beginning the rate of destruction will be lower than the rate of reproduction, meaning that more ticks will hatch than be killed. It will take a minimum of 48 hours of application to start seeing results. If you notice the product is not working correctly, consult your local veterinarian for other options. To treat the environment, contact a professional exterminator for treatment options. Always check the active ingredient in any pesticide, especially if your pet is exposed to the product or has any accidental ingestion. In case of accidental ingestion, please call Animal Poison Hotline at 888.232.8870, or the Animal Control Center at 888.426.4435. Good luck and please be patient.

Rafael Fontanez, DVM
Portland.Texas – 361.643.2112