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Featured Pet of the week

Meet sarah

Featured Week of July.4.2017

Sarah has been at the adoption center for many months now. We're not sure why she keeps getting passed over but, as you can see, she looks cute with or without her hair cut. She is a one–year–old Wiredhaired Terrier–Catahoula mixed breed who was found on the street and brought to our shelter. Sarah is a naturally friendly dog. She is a tail–wagger and an exuberant greeter. She comes right away to the front of the kennel to greet volunteers and visitors. Sarah gets along well with all dogs whether male or female, small or large. She is very athletic. When she has played enough, she will go to her kennel to drink or rest. Because of her past life as a wanderer of the streets, we feel that Sarah will need to have a secure yard and a watchful adopter until she establishes where her home is. Come visit our sweet Sarah today!
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Sarah and the sunflower Sarah siting quietly Sarah on her cot Sarah after being groomed